Dipawali Sundarban Package


Date October- November 3 4 5

Duration - 2 Night 3 Days 

​Destination Covered -
1st day
 Gosaba Hamilton Saheb Beacon Bungalow & Rabindra Nath Tagore Bungalow,

Evening -Jhumur Gan(Traditional Folk Dance)

2nd DAY - Jungle Safari
 Sudhanyakhali (W.T), Pirkhali, deulbharani, Bonobibi varani, Dobanki, Gajikhali, 5 River Junction.
As per the Forest department
Jungle Entry 8.30 am and Leave 4 .00pm.


3rd Day
Back to Kolkata

Durga Puja Sundarban Tour Package




Pickup from Kolkata by Vehicle (For Canning to Canning Package Pickup from Canning by Auto) and drive to Godkhali, a journey of about 3 hours. We transfer guests from the Godkhali jetty by motor launch to the resort/hotel located in the Sundarbans Islands. On the way, we will visit Gosaba Hamilton bungalow and Ravindrnath Thakur memorial bungalow. This journey would take guests/tourists down the rivers Hogol, Gomar, Durgaduni in about an hour and a half.

1.30 lunch on the boat 
2.30  Hours Rest.
4 pm visit birds jungle 6 pm back to the hotel.

 Do not forget to carry your shorts as the inviting waters of the Sundarban entice you to wade through them and frolic on the Mudflats. One can spot Octopus, Star Fish,  Jelly Fish, Horseshoe Crab, prawn seeds as well as many other varieties of fishes etc.

7.00 pm -In the evening we serve snacks with folk dance presented by local girls and women.

9 pm dinner. Night stay at the hotel.

Day-2 Two Day Jungle Safari by Safari boat.

6.30 am bed tea.
7.00 am set off on a motorboat.


The second day involves a full day cruise through the rivers and narrow creeks of the Sundarban National Park.

Sojnekhali watch Tower remains closed for visitors due to covid 19 

    *Food would be prepared and served on the motorboat.
8.30 breakfast on boat
9.00 am visit Sudhanyakhali watchtower,  Sudhanyakhali watchtower -  one of the famous Watch Tower of   Sundarban National Park. Most of the Royal Bengal Tigers are sighted from this tower. Some other wildlife like axis deer’s, wild boars, varieties Mangrove plantation here for introducing of tourist. may also be seen from this watchtower. There is a sweet water pond where animals drink water. Behind the pond, one can sight animals from a distance. 


1.30 lunch on the boat. After lunch, we reach Dbanki watch tower .this watch tower famous for the canopy walk. this walk allows you to view wildlife from a netted enclosure. Next on our itinerary would be the Spotted Deer Rehabilitation center. Thereafter, enjoy the thrill of cruising deep in the forested area and also around the islands of the Sundarbans Tiger Project area. Let be guided by our guide to viewing the Mangrove forest from close quarters, deep inside the creeks.

The Sundarban Forest Guide Given you All Information about Sundarban and your question.

5 pm return to the Night stay. evening full leisure.

6.30 pm serve tea and snacks

9 pm dinner. night stay at the Boat


6.30 am  Bed tea serve

7.30 am we are going for a village walk. meet people and see their lifestyle. back to the hotel
8.30 am Breakfast at Boat.

11.30 pm serve lunch on the boat.

2.00 pm reach Godkhali.

3 pm reach canning Station


Sundarban Tours Special Attraction & Activities

Camp Fire (Winter Season Only)

Village Walk & meet Local people

2 Day Jungle safari.

Jhumur Dance (Traditional Folk Dance by Local Village Girl and women).

Package includes:

👉Pickup & drop as per Package schedule 

Kolkata to Kolkata package pick up & drop by car from Kolkata to Godkhali).

All Meals like Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks dinner, as per package schedule, 

Jungle Permission., Entry Fee, Boat Safari, Tour Manager, Tourist Guide, 

Hotel Accommodation  Nom/Ac Family Room.

Water - Bisleri

Fully Sanitized Boat every Day 

Package Excludes

👉Camera Permission Charges, Alcoholic drinks, Any meal out of the package, Personal expenditure.

   Dipawali Sundarban Packaged

Food মেনু

প্রথম দিন

সকালে - লুচি, কালো জিরে আলু তরকারি, ডিম সিদ্ধ, মিষ্টি, চা, কলা

 বেলায় - ফিস ফ্রাই, কোল্ড্রিংকস

দুপুরে -  ভাত, মুড়ি ঘন্ট ডাল, বেগুনি, গলদা পার্শে সর্ষে, মিষ্টি, চাটনি, পাঁপড় দই.

সন্ধ্যায় - চিকেন পাকোড়া, কফি

রাতে -  ফ্রাইড রাইস, চিলি চিকেন, আলু দম, মিষ্টি পাঁপড়.

দ্বিতীয়  দিন

বেড টি 

সকালে - পরোটা, চানা মসলা  কালো জিরে, অমলেট,মিষ্টি, চা, কলা

 বেলায় - ফিস ফ্রাই,কোল্ড ড্রিঙ্কস!

দুপুরে -  ভাত, ভেজ ডাল, বেগুন ভাজা, চিংড়ি ঝাল, ভেটকি কারি, মিষ্টি, চাটনি, পাঁপড় টক দই.

সন্ধ্যায় - চিকেন চাওমিন  কফি |

রাতে -  রাইস, ডাল আলু ভাজা, 2 পিস্ রুটি, দেশি চিকেন,মিষ্টি পাঁপড়.
তৃতীয়  দিন

সকালে - আলু পরোটা,  মিষ্টি, চা, কলা

 বেলায় - ভেজ পাকোড়া , কোল্ড্রিংকস

দুপুরে -  ফ্রাইড রাইস, চিকেন কষা, মাছ ভাজা, মিষ্টি, চাটনি, পাঁপড় দই.


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