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A trip to Sundarbans can be a memorable trip of a lifetime! The south of West Bengal has beautiful forests with immense natural resources. This beautiful Badavan(mud forest) is built near the sea shore. There are many plants, various animals and plants with beautiful vegetation. The world's largest delta and largest mangrove forest Sundarban. Our sundarban Tour package design nature lover and photographer -documentarian


Sundarban Tiger Reserve India(STR)

The Sundarban Tiger Reserve(STR) is a wildlife Tiger reserve forest and biosphere in the West Bengal state of India. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site. We regularly organize Sundarban tour package every week.

Sundarbans is the large Delta of the world that is formed where the river basins of Ganga and Brahmaputra meet. It is an enormous forest in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal. The delta island is covered by mangrove forests. It is one of the largest Mangrove forests in the world.

This unique forest extends across Bangladesh and West Bengal, India.

Never compare Sundarbans National Park Safari to other Indian forest safari. It is a different type of jungle safari from other Tiger hot spots in India.

Location of Sundarban:

The Sundarbans Tiger  Reserve (STR), located in the southwest of India Bangladesh between the river Matla Vidhyadhari Raymongal adjoining the Bay of Bengal, is the largest bordering mangrove forest in the world.

Southeast part of West Bengal state in India.

Best Season Sundarban Tour package:

October to March.
Winter is the best time to visit Sundarban National Park.


Safari Time 7 am to 4 pm every day.

Safari type - River Jungle safari by boat.


It is the only forest where the Bengal Tiger lives. In one ward the home of Royal Bengal Tiger.
The Sundarbans provide a unique ecosystem and a rich wildlife habitat.


The People of Sundarban:

The people of Sundarban are directly or indirectly related to income from this forest.


Sundarban is Mangrove forest zone -

Sundarban is the largest Mangrove forest in the globe. it is a delta Island area. It is a small tress and grows sea saline water, rooted, and sediment underwater.  more than 120 mangroves are found in this jungle.
The mangrove forest of the Sundarbans provides wall protection against cyclones or tsunamis and flooding for local area cities including Kolkata city of  India.

Mangroves and tigers topmost attractions of Sundarbans National Park.


The Fauna and Flora of the Sundarban:

The forest also provides a habitat for small wild cats, jungle cats (Felis chaus), fishing cats, and leopard cats. Chital deer (Axis axis), Indian muntjacs wild boar, Monitor Lizards, saltwater crocodiles, Monkeys, and River Terrapin.



Many small and big rivers in Sundarban are connected by the Bay of Bengal. many canals and creeks also join this river. Matla, Raymangal, Bidhyadhori, and Thakuran are big rivers.



170 types of fish and more than 15 types of prawn.
Sawfish, Butterfish, Electric Ray, common carp, silver carp, barb, river eels, starfish, king crab, fiddler crab, hermit crab, prawn, shrimps, Gangetic dolphins, skipper frogs, common toads, tree frogs

Know Before Where You Want to Get in Sundarban Tour.

Start with having a specific goal for your safari. Maybe you’ve dreamt of seeing Tigers and other animals also mangroves, local people, and culture. What animals or experiences are at the heart of your dream safari? The answer will more than likely help determine your location, safari timing, and the factor of high tide low tide of Sundarbans safari.



Sundarban is only a riverboat safari. For 4 to 8 hours safari time.

Why should you visit Sundarbans?

  • Sudarban is formed by Ganges and Meghna rivers. Here are the world-famous mangrove forests.
  • The most abundant tree species are Sundari and Gewa. The forest is home to 453 species of wildlife including 290 birds, 120 fish, 42 mammals, 35 reptiles, and eight amphibian species.
  • Two types of ecosystems exist in the Sundarbans: freshwater swamp forests and mangrove forests.
  • Sundarbans is a tiger reserve and a biosphere reserve. Divided into core and buffer zones.
  • Tourists can visit 5 buffer zones and 2 core zone watchtowers in Sundarban. There is the Bhagwatpur Crocodile Project and Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary in Sundarban.
  • Sundarbans protect people from cyclones and other natural disasters
  •  Know the local culture of Sundarbans and people's way of life. Human life is not easy, always have to fight with nature.
  • Sundarbans shows many things pair you can understand the fact of nature.
sundarban watch tower

Watch Towers Of Sundarban

Below are the watch towers name that will be shown during the Sundarban tour package. 

Sajnekhali, Sudhyanakhali, Dobanki,  Burir dabri, Jhingekhali.

Netidhopani, Harikhali.

Bonnie camp and Kalash camp.

Sundarban National Park, the entire area is a cluster of river channels, creeks, and Islands which total about 102 in number.  54 islands are inhabited and the rest 48 islands are forested. Sundarban is a wildlife tiger reserve forest in India. It's a Unesco World Heritage site because of there ecological importance of this area. It is also a Mangrove National Park and a  biosphere reserve in the West Bengal state of India.




Here the tourists get to see the ruins of a 400-year-old temple along with a watch tower. Netidhopani is a part of the core area of Sunderbans. This is an excellent site where you may find the pleasure of spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger. You may see spotted  Deer, and many birds and other animals here. The ideal time to visit this place is in the afternoon or early morning. The animals generally avoid the scorching sun of the noons.


Harikhali is a Range office of the eastern part of Sundarbans. In this part of Sundarbans, you also see deer, fishing cats, and monitor lizards and snakes.

Harinbhanga, tourists can see a variety of birds. Mangrove trees, Estuarine Crocodile and Dolphin.  History and culture are very attractive. Subdarban offbeat tour a trip of lonely long boat drive to Sundarban delta area.  It will be an adventure tour.



Mangrove Interpretation Centre, turtle, crocodile pond, watch tower, and sweet water pond are the main attractions here.


A Mangrove Park along with a sweet water pond and watch tower with observation lines provides a vantage point for tourists to see wildlife. Dobanki Canopy Walk: This aerial pathway allows tourists to have an aerial view of the forest. It culminates into a watch tower from where a vast expanse of mangrove forest can be seen.


This watchtower is famous for the canopy walk. this walk allows you to view wildlife from a netted enclosure.



Burirdabri cage trail and mud walk: This is a favorite with the tourists as it allows the tourists a feel of the muddy forest floor. The ground fauna can be observed closely during the mud walk. It culminates into a watch tower overlooking Bangladesh with river Raimongal forming the boundary.

Jhingekhali :

A watch tower with observation lines and a sweet water pond for observing the wildlife.


Sundarban Forest Safari Charges

Boat safari fee @ Rs.600 per day.

Man entry fee @ Rs.120 per day. | Foreigner Rs 500 Per Head

Guide charges @ Rs.700 per day. | Foreigner Rs. 1500 Per Day

Safari and jungle entry time is 7:30 a.m. Jungle exit time is 4.00 p.m.

The boat ride Time is from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

You can check this link for details charges of sundarban safari costing.

Distance of Sundarbans from some places of Kolkata:-

  • Howrah station to Godkhali Sundarban distance – 102 km.  time 3 hours. Street name – NH3
  • Airport to Godkhali Sundarban distance – 92 km.  - time 2.50 hours. Street name – NH3
  • Canning to Godkhali Sundarban distance – 28 km.  time 50 minute Street name – NH3

Some essential information while traveling to Sundarbans

  • Always use mineral water and hand wash.
  • Keep your daily essentials medicine with you.
  • During winter warm cloth with you.
  • Keep silence during safari time, don’t disturb any animals of eco system.
  • Sundarban is a non plastic zone. Don’t use any plastic product.
  • Always follow the guide.
  • You must carry binoculars to view animal and birds on your boat cruising or jungle walking.
  • You need to carry photo ID proof.
  • Respect the people of Sundarban region.
  • Everything is important of the eco system – maintain the forest rule.

Things do to in the Sundarban Tour Package

Some of our favorite Sundarban tour package and excursions include a safari through the river canal Sundarban forest, fisherman activities inside the forest, tasting the local cuisine, and local culture presented by local and Sundarban Tiger Reserve (Ramsar) expert guides.

What do we offer at Sundarbans Tour Package?

Pickup Drop -         Kolkata, Airport, Howrah Station.

Accommodation -   Deluxe A/c or Non A/c

Safari-                     2 core zone watch tower and 4 buffer zone watchtower safari by boat.

Safari boat-             3-day exclusive Private Safari boat.

Food-                      3 breakfasts, 3 Lunches,2 dinners, 4 Snacks, Fruits Tea coffee from our boat kitchen.

Safari Guide-           English and Hindi Bengali speaking Guide.

Entertainment-        Folk dance presented by local girls.

Introduce-                Familiarity with village people's lifestyle and culture.

A Promise to Our Visitors

Our motive is to our customers with the riverboat that best sailed their interests and budgets, and gives them all the information, expert advice, and excellent customer service they need to ensure a wonderful travel experience and an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime

many of our customers, not only book boats with us but cruise packages with food extensions during the Sundarban tour

Leaders in Emerging Riverboat Destination.

Our dedicated team has been successfully building magical memories for our clients throughout the various points of Mangrove Forest SUNDARBAN. we are always careful their trip to Sundarbans will be comfortable, luxurious, and hassle-free. We have our own Houseboat in Sundarban Which is equipped with luxurious accommodation and other amenities.

Sundarban Popular Tour Package

Buffer Zone Package

Core Zone Package

Bonnie Camp Package

Sundarban Tour package

Sundarban Deluxe Package Accommodation

Sundarban Tour 2 Night
sundarban core zone package

Sundarban Standard Package Accommodation

sundarban standard
sundarban standard hotel

How To Reach Sundarban From Kolkata

Kolkata to Sundarban Distance?

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and it’s also a great tourist destination on its own. If you are planning to visit Kolkata then don’t miss out on the trip to Sundarbans as the biggest Mangrove land is located just 109 km from Kolkata. The added benefit is there are many tour agents i

Sundarban has several entry points. you have to reach the entry point from Kolkata by road. The entry points are:

Kolkata Malancha Sonakhali Godkhali is 110 km from Kolkata.
from Sealdah station( one of the railway stations of  Kolkata) to the canning station. From canning to Godkhali by Auto or Bus.
★★ Remember the Train option is cheaper than by Road.
Distance from Kolkata to Canning is 45 km by train and 35 km from Canning to Godkhali.

Kolkata Basanti Highway:

The best route to get into the Sundarbans is through Kolkata Basanti Highway. We always use this route for our tourists as it is not as crowded as the Baruipur-Canning Highway.

If you want smooth traveling then use this route to visit Sundarbans. Basanti Road is linked to the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass near Science City in Kolkata and from Science City, Kolkata to Godkhali Sundarbans distance is 109 km and it takes about 3 hours to reach Godkhali.


By choosing this option you can reach Godkhali with just 100 Rs. persons. To reach Sundarbans via train you have to catch the Sealdah-Canning Local train from Sealdah South station. You will get trains every hour. The best train that we use for our tourists is the 7:40 am Sealdah-Canning Train. From Canning, you have to catch a share auto or if you afford you can reserve an auto or car to Godkhali. Via Private Vehicle or Bus.

0ur Safari Boat

Sundarbans Boat is the specialist. We have sailed the breadth of the beautiful Sundarban coast jungle Island, navigated the length of the mighty river Matla, Bidya, Raymangal, and lots of rivers, and explored the unspoiled beauty of the surrounding jungle and local people of Sundarban to bring you a comprehensive collection of the finest riverboat.



Stay in the deluxe and primium quality hotels/Resort in Sundarbans. The hotels are equipped with modern facilities.


We serve a variety of local food to tourists, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian menu.


We always aim at the safety of the tourists. Such as life jacket doctor and call


Evening entertainment includes tribal dances - performed by local village women


Sundarbans jungle safari is only by boat. Timings are from 7 am to 4 pm


Our itinerary explores local culture, economy, and eco systems of the sundarban

Why Choose Trip to Sundarbans

Unique Sundarban Package

Pickup Drop from your point.

Everyday jungle safari.

The best guide for information.

Clean Safari Boat.

Best local cuisine.

Tiger sighting point.

Evening entertainment.

Resort Accommodation

Enjoy the local tour.

Buffer and Core zone feeling.

⇒ Narrow Creek Adventure.

  • Boating in the deep forest, cricks cruising by boat,
  • Bird watching, Narrow Creek, core zone, and buffer zone watchtower.
  • campfires, barbeque, and country boat rides.
  • Resort staying beside a wild jungle and river bank atmosphere will be your adventure experience.
  • Tribal dance – you feel it's from the heart.
  • village culture- the life of Sundarbans native people.
  • Best Delicious Bengali and North Indian Food.

We are a local tour operator.

We operating a regular Sundarban Tour since 2007 successfully, with a good reputation. Inviting you to make your memorable trip to Sunderbans with us.

To feel the beauty of Sundarban you will have to go inside Sundarban & visit at least the most common tourist spots of this national park.

Which Package is best for your Sundarban Tour Package?

Our experience will require a minimum of two nights to stay on a Sundarban tour to cover 3 watchtowers and a deep forest.We arrange Sundarban Package Tours for Families, Friends, Corporates & school students. Exclusive private customized tours are also available.



Guest Review Us

We had a perfect family holiday in the lap of the beautiful Sundarbans for which we are thankful to Anupam dada and his team. The team was very courteous and dedicated to ensuring that we have the best time. All meals were freshly prepared on the boat and were delicious. The team was so kind to meet our specific dietary request for less spicy vegetarian meals and even arranged for celebrating my 8-year-old niece’s birthday on the deck including arranging for a surprise cake and a special dinner and delicious kheer for dessert. The experience of enjoying the pristine beauty of the Sundarbans was ameliorated due to the politeness and the professionalism of the crew and the guide. We highly recommend this trip with this crew to truly immerse yourselves in this tranquil natural ecosystem for an experience of a lifetime!

It was very well organised trip having humble facility with excellent service.

Guest name- Suchi k february 2024

Anupam's team is truly dedicated and service oriented, specially his commitment level is remarkable with complete honesty and focus on every small request. We had requested for customised food preparation which was bang on....!!!! Looking to meet his team again.

             Guest name- Parijat k February 2024

We travelled from London to Sundarban with these folks. They are great at planning every bit of the trip and caring while to resolve operational issues at ease. Food quality was great, as as we wanted it to be and meals cooked on the boat. The boat is a spacious one, with two decks, could easily have 25 tourists but we were lucky to have the boat just to ourselves. As per our need they also arranged for the government tourist lodge booking for us. They had a guide on the trip as well who talked about the unique nature of Sundarbans. The owner and all the boat personnel were gems of people. Even though with a private hire it was a cost effective choice when we compared with other Sundarban boat trips. Highly recommend and would to suggest booking in advance over email or phone.

Mrs. Chandrayee December 2023

We enjoyed a full-day boat trip organized by Trip To Sundarban. It was an amazing experience. Rich and deep mangrove forests along the rivers and creaks.
The boat was well-maintained and safely operated by friendly staff. Lunch, snacks and chai were yummy.
The boat arrived before the scheduled time. So we left the hotel jetty sharp at 7:30 am which was exactly on plan. We returned to the jetty around 4:30 pm.
Since the sunset is nearly one hour earlier than in Delhi NCR, we suggest you start at 7:30 am, not 9:00 am or later, to fully enjoy this boat trip.
We are quite satisfied with the tour. We want to recommend friends in Delhi NCR to come to Sundarban.

Guest name- Singh J December 2023


An well spent weekend with Sundarban. It was an excellent trip with lots of good views, fun, excellent hospitality we received, must go place

Trinka B     Written November 30, 2023



Our trip to Sunderban with Mr Anupam was really very good. It was well organised  down to the smallest details. We  truly enjoyed the  meals, timely snacks and the friendliness. The tro tro trip to the village was fascinating. Well recommended for all.

Guest name - Aji Roy Jacob


We traveled to Sundarbans in April with Mr Anupam and team, it was indeed a memorable trip.The stay , boat and resort was top notch. We had a jungle safari with a well informed tour guide and we were also lucky to spot a few amnials as well .The best part was Mr Anupam was proactive from the time we booked the trip to inform us about the prerequisite and preparedness required for the weather conditions.Over all highly recommended service.

Guest name – Silka minni

Nice trip to Sunderbans 9 Apr 2023

It was a nice trip. Anupam was a great host. He had done every arrangements from Station pickup to boating and stays. The stay was nice and boating with inhouse food was great

Mr Kiran RJ

Sundarban Tour Package Cost

Minium Group 12 person

1 nights 2 days deluxe A/C Package from kolkata to Kolkata Rs 4500 per Head.

Standard package  non A/C Rs 3500 Per Head.

2 nights 3 days deluxe A/C Package 6500 per Head.

standard package non A/c 4500 Per Head.


Only Deluxe package 2 nights 3 days

Rs 10500 per Head with pickup drop 2 safari with private boat and guide,Food.

Do you want to book a tour with us?

Phone call - +91 9831993904 / +91 9477655443

Email Us -

Booking can be done in two ways- Online and Offline system.

Your Question Our Answer On Sundarban Tour Package

How much does a trip to Sundarban cost?

2 Night 3 days Rs 5500 from Kolkata non ac standard package

2 nights 3 days Rs 7500 from Kolkata AC  standard package

Which month is best for Sundarban?

September to March are the best months to plan Sundarban.

 Winters- Best time visit to Sundarban.

Summer –  very hot and humid in this region.

 Tourists have been coming to Sundarbans all year round for the past few years.

How many days is enough for the Sundarban tour?

General tourist – 2 nights 3 days minimum

Photography – 3 nights 4 days minimum

Core and buffer zone- 3 nights 4 days.

How to plan a Sundarban trip from Kolkata?

It is best if you travel to Sundarbans by booking a trip through a travel agency.

Is 1 day enough for Sundarban?

One day is not enough to visit the Sundarbans, at least 3 days

How many watch towers are in Sundarban?

Core zone – 2 watch towers Nedidhopani and Harikhali

Buffer zone – 4 watch towers Barir dabrir Jhigekhali Sajnekhali Sudhyanakhali Dobanki

South division- Bonnie camp and Kalas camp.

What do you need to carry during the Sundarban trip?

ID card Passport and visa general medicine, Binoculars warm clothes.


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