Sundarban Bonnie Camp Tour

Sundarban Watch Towers

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower


Most of the tigers can be spotted from this watchtower.
panoramic view of Sundarbans from here. Wild animals like deer, wild boars, may be seen from the watchtower. A drinking water pond is there. Wild animals come here to drink water. Behind the pond are spread of land where can sight animals from a distance.

Sajnekhali Watch Tower

Sajnekhali Watch Tower, one of the main watchtower of Sundarbans, you can see here  Bonobibi temple, a museum and crocodile pond, Mangrove Interpretation center.

Dobanki Watch Tower

Sundarban watch tower

Your trip would be incomplete without this Canopy Walk.
This watchtower a. memorable experience of watching wildlife from its Canopy Walk. This canopy walk is about .75 km long and  20 ft high from the soil. There is also a sweet water pond. Deers, wild boars and birds are sighted here.

Burir Dabri Watch Tower


Two watch tower here.
The guide also provides here. In the watch Tower area, you can see the Mangrove tree with  Name.

Burir Dabri is a watchtower of Tiger project area inSundarban.
From this watch tower, you can see the Bangladesh side. River Raimongal flows between India and Bangladesh .it has a beautiful layout, where you walk between the wooden wall through the mud cage and reach the watchtower to look at Bangladesh. Deer.  Birds, crap. Wild boar, sighting here.

Netidhopani Watch Tower

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Netidhopani  watchtower is a oneb of the of the famous watch tower of sundarban  Core area.There is more than 500 years old ruins temple. Which is now inversion. I see there  so many soil-made things . If you are lucky you can watch tiger here.lots of tourist come every years. One sweet water pond for wild Animals driking water there. nobody is allowed after 4.00 pm.most of the tiger sighting between 11 am to 6 pm in netidhopani .This is the beautiful place of sundarban and you feel here peace and plasant.Lots of pilgrims came here few years ago for  warship of Godess Maa Monasa every years.

Kalash watch Tower

Sundarban watch tower

Kalash is a beautiful beach between  Mangrove forest and river side. Located in south 24 Parganas out of Sundarban core area jungle, Kalash Island is a part of Sunderban National park.

Tourist with armed guards is permitted to get down on the Kalash beach.  It is the ideal platform of birdwatching. narrow Creek, the beauty of wide River Matla, no man lands, only few Fisher trawler you can see.

Mud the entire river bank, and the far sight of the blue water and forest land. Occasionally unknowing birds scream
Ideal for viewing the Olive Ridley Turtles during the engendering season.Not allowed to stay at night,
Where is Kalash Island, is the Lonely Island, where you can see the nature of the game and the application.


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