Where is Sundarban National Park India?

Sundarbans  National Park India a mangrove forest, Tiger Reserve, and a  Biosphere Reserve in West Bengal, India. Sundarbans is the name given to the large Delta that is formed where the river basins of Ganga and Bramhaputra meet. Sundarban is an enormous forest in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal. The delta island is covered by mangrove forests,  one of the largest Mangrove forest in the world. This unique forest extends across Bangladesh and West Bengal India. The Sundarbans is the world’s largest Mangrove forest, and World Heritage  National Park.


Sundarbans  National Park India. It is an only forest where the Bengal Tiger lives. In one ward the home of royal Bengal tiger.


The Sundarbans provides a unique ecosystem and a rich wildlife habitat. People of Sundarban are directly or indirectly related to income Sundarbans  National Park India. Entire Eastern India is dependent on the fishery resources from Sundarban. millions of people live in the biosphere reserve. They depend directly on forest and forest-based resources since agriculture is not productive enough due to saline water.  fuelwood, fishing, crap, thatching leaves, honey, and wax are the main sources of income.


Sundarbans  National Park India the largest Mangrove forest in the glove. it is a delta Island area. it is small tress and grows sea saline water, rooted and sediment underwater.  more than 120 mangroves are finding in this jungle. The mangrove forest of the Sundarbans provides the wall  protection against cyclone Tsunami  and flooding for local area  cities including Kolkata India,

Mangrove and Tiger  topmost attraction of Sundarbans national park India, Here are the top  things to see in Sundarban:


many small and big rivers in Sundarban all are connected with the Bay of Bengal. many canals and creek also with joint this river. Matla , Raymangal, Bidhyadhori, Thakuran are big river and Gomti,

MAMLAS-  the Sundarbans mangroves, are important habitats for the Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris). The forest also provides habitat for small wild cats such as the jungle cat (Felis chaus), fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus), and leopard cat. Several predators dwell in the labyrinth of channels, branches, and roots that poke up into the air. This is the only mangrove ecoregion that harbors the Indo-Pacific region's largest terrestrial predator, the Bengal tiger. chital deer (Axis axis), Indian muntjacs (Muntiacus muntjak), wild boar (Sus scrofa), and rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta). the jungle cat, fishing cat, etc.

Fishes- 170 types fishes and more than 15 types of prawn.



sundarban national park India


How to Reach Sundarbans National Park India

Kolkata to Sundarban Distance and How to Reach in Sundarbans  National Park India? Get in Sundarban When we want to go anywhere the first work we should do is to collect the information about the destination sot that at the time of the tour we could enjoy the place.

Sundarbans  National Park India is not an exception.

However, apart from the other tourist places in India, there is not enough and valuable information existed on the internet. In fact, there are tons of misinformation from the mediocre tour agents and guides that really can’t help you in your journey. So, I’ve decided to write this article to help you and other adventure tourists who are interested in Sundarbans. In this article, I will guide you about the Kolkata to Sundarban distance, the entry points and how to reach Sundarbans?

Kolkata to Sundarban Distance

Kolkata is the capital of West-Bengal and its also a great tourist destination on its own. If you are planning to visit Kolkata then don’t miss out on the trip to Sundarbans as the biggest Mangrove land is located just 109 km from Kolkata. The added benefit is there are many tour agents including us help you visit the tiger land.


Routes to Reach Sundarbans  National Park India From Kolkata

There are two main routes to Reach Sundarbans from Kolkata.

Basanti Highway Baruipur-Canning Highway

These two are state highways and maintained periodically to let the tourists visit the Sundarbans without any hassle. Wondering, in both of them which is the best route to visit Sundarban?

Kolkata Basanti Highway:

The best route to get into the Sundarbans is through Kolkata Basanti Highway. We always use this route for our tourists as it's not as crowded as Baruipur-Canning Highway. If you want smooth traveling then use this route to visit Sundarbans. Basanti Road is linked to Eastern Metropolitan Bypass near Science City in Kolkata and from Science city, Kolkata to Godkhali Sundarbans distance is 103 KMS and it takes about 3 hours to reach Godkhali. You will find several tea and snack shops on this route. You can stop any of these shops and get refreshed.

Kolkata Baruipur Canning Highway:

The second route you can use to reach Sundarbans is Kolkata Baruipur Canning Highway. However, the distance is the same as the Kolkata-Basanti highway but as it goes through the main markets of the towns you will encounter a heavy rush. Especially at Baruipur and Canning. It takes more time to reach Sundarbans via Baruipur Highway than Basanti highway. The Two Entry Points to Sundarbans There are two main entry points to reach Sundarban from Kolkata.

 The entry point of Sundarban National Park Godkhali and Jhorkhali

Godkhali We always use this entry point as it's located just opposite Gosaba the main market of Sundarban Tribal Area and you will get all the necessary things before starting the tour to the Sundarbans. In Godkhali there is a huge parking space for private cars and busses where you can park your vehicles with nominal charges. As well as you will get public transport options such as Busses and Autos from Godkhali to Canning.


Jhorkhali is a less popular entry point to Sundarban. However, you will get public transport to get Jhorkhali from Canning, there are no markets like Gosaba in Jhorkhali and parking space is not as huge as Godkhali.

There is one more reason why we always prefer Godkhali over Jhorkhali – The distance of the Sajnekhali Forest office from Jhorkhali is 5KMS more than Godkhali.

How to Reach Kolkata to Sundarban

There are three transport options to reach Sundarban from Kolkata. Via Local Train – It is the best option for indie tourists who want to save some money on travel. By choosing this option you can reach Godkhali with just 150Rs/persons. .To reach Sundarbans via train you have to catch the Sealdah-Canning Local train from Sealdah South station. You will get trains every hour. The best train that we use for our tourists is 7:40 Sealdah-Canning Train. From Canning you have to catch a share auto or if you afford you can reserve an auto or car to Godkhali. Via Private Vehicle or Bus – The second and more comfortable option is to hire a private vehicle from Kolkata to Sundarban. If you hire a private vehicle you can reach Goidkhali by 3 to 3:30 hours.

Best Time to Visit


Sundarban National Park India Watch Tower

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Most of the tigers can be spotted from this watchtower. panoramic view of Sundarbans from here. Wild animals like deer, wild boars, may be seen from the watchtower. A drinking water pond is there. Wild animals come here to drink water. Behind the pond is the spread of land where we can sight animals from a distance. One of the main watchtowers of Sundarbans, you can see here  Bonobibi temple, a museum and crocodile pond, Mangrove Interpretation center.

Dobanki Watch Tower

Your trip would be incomplete without this Canopy Walk. This watchtower a. a memorable experience of watching wildlife from its Canopy Walk. This canopy walk is about .75 km long and  20 ft high from the soil. There is also a sweet water pond. Deers, wild boars, and birds are sighted here.

sundarban national park india
Dobanki watch tower

Burir Dabri Watch Tower

Two watchtowers here. The guide also provides here. In the watch Tower area, you can see the Mangrove tree with  Name. Burir Dabri is a watchtower of the Tiger project area inSundarban. From this watchtower, you can see the Bangladesh side. River Raimongal flows between India and Bangladesh .it has a beautiful layout, where you walk between the wooden wall through the mud cage and reach the watchtower to look at Bangladesh. Deer.  Birds, crap. Wild boar, sighting here.

Sundarban National Park India
burir dabri watch tower

Netidhopani Watch Tower

Netidhopani watchtower is one of the famous watchtowers of Sundarbans  Core area. There is more than 500 years old ruins temple. Which is now inversion. I see there are so many soil-made things. If you are lucky you can watch the tiger here. lots of tourists come every year. One sweet water pond for wild Animals drinking water there. nobody is allowed after 4.00 pm.most of the tiger sighting between 11 am to 6 pm in netidhopani . This is the beautiful place of sundarban and you feel here peace and pleasure. Lots of pilgrims came here a few years ago for a warship of Goddess Maa Monasa every year.

Kalash watch Tower Kalash is a beautiful beach between  Mangrove forest and riverside. Located in south 24 Parganas out of Sundarban core area jungle, Kalash Island is a part of Sunderban National park. Tourist with armed guards is permitted to get down on the Kalash beach.  It is the ideal platform for birdwatching. narrow Creek, the beauty of wide River Matla, no-man lands, only a few Fisher trawler you can see.

Sundarban watch tower
kalas watch tower

kalas Beach

Mud the entire riverbank, and the far sight of the blue water and forest land. Occasionally unknowing birds scream Ideal for viewing the Olive Ridley Turtles during the engendering season. Not allowed to stay at night, Where is Kalash Island, is the Lonely Island, where you can see the nature of the game and the application.







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