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How to Reach in Sundarbans

Kolkata to Sundarban Distance 110 km.

When we want to go anywhere the first work we should do is collect the information about the destination sot that at the time of the tour we could enjoy the place. In article we discuss How to Reach in Sundarbans and travel tips.k

Sundarban is not an exception.

However, apart from the other tourist places in India, there are not enough and valuable information existed on the internet. In fact, there are tons of misinformation from the mediocre tour agents and guides that really can’t help you in your journey.

So, I’ve decided to write this article to help you and other adventure tourists who are interested in Sundarbans. In this article, I will guide you about the Kolkata to Sundarban distance, the entry points, and how to reach Sundarbans?

Kolkata to Sundarban Distance?

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and it’s also a great tourist destination on its own. If you are planning to visit Kolkata then don’t miss out on the trip to Sundarbans as the biggest Mangrove land is located just 109 km from Kolkata. The added benefit is there are many tour agents including us help you visit the tiger land.

Routes to Reach Sundarban From Kolkata

There are two main routes to Reach Sundarbans from Kolkata.

1 – Basanti Highway
2 – Baruipur-Canning Highway

These two are state highways and are maintained periodically to let the tourists visit the Sundarbans without any hassle.

Wondering, in both of them which is the best route to visit Sundarban?

Kolkata Basanti Highway:

The best route to get into the Sundarbans is through Kolkata Basanti Highway. We always use this route for our tourists as its not as crowded as Baruipur-Canning Highway.

If you want smooth traveling then use this route to visit Sundarbans. Basanti Road is linked to Eastern Metropolitan Bypass near Science City in Kolkata and from Science city, Kolkata to Godkhali Sundarbans distance is 103 KMS and it takes about 3 hours to reach Godkhali.

Our Female Traveler meet a local village market
You will find several tea and snack shops on this route. You can stop at any of these shops and get refreshed.

Kolkata Baruipur Canning Highway
The second route you can use to reach Sundarbans is Kolkata Baruipur Canning Highway. However, the distance is the same as the Kolkata-Basanti highway but as it goes through the main markets of the towns you will encounter a heavy rush. Especially at Baruipur and Canning.

It takes more time to reach Sundarbans via Baruipur Highway than then Basanti highway.

The Two Entry Points to Sundarbans
There are two main entry points to reach Sundarban from Kolkata.

1 – Godkhali and Jhorkhali

2 – Godkhali

We always use this entry point as it’s located just opposite Gosaba the main market of Sundarban Tribal Area and you will get all the necessary things before starting the tour to the Sundarbans.

In Godkhali there is a huge parking space for private cars and busses where you can park your vehicles with nominal charges. As well as you will get public transport options such as Busses and Autos from Godkhali to Canning.JhorKhaliJhorkhali is a less popular entry point to Sundarban. However, you will get public transport to get Jhorkhali from Canning, there are no markets like Gosaba in Jhorkhali and the parking space is not as huge as Godkhali.

There is one more reason why we always prefer Godkhali over Jhorkhali – The distance of the Sajnekhali Forest office from Jhorkhali is 9 KMS more than Godkhali. How to Reach Kolkata to Sundarban? There are three transport options to reach Sundarban from Kolkata.Via Local Train – It is the best option for indie tourists who want to save some money on travel.


By choosing this option you can reach Godkhali with just 150Rs/persons. To reach Sundarbans via train you have to catch the Sealdah-Canning Local train from Sealdah South station. You will get trains every hour. The best train that we use for our tourists is 7:40 am Sealdah-Canning Train.From Canning you have to catch a share auto or if you afford you can reserve an auto or car to Godkhali. Via Private Vehicle or Bus


The second and more comfortable option is to hire a private vehicle from Kolkata to Sundarban. If you hire a private vehicle you can reach Goidkhali by 3 to 3:30 hours.

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